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Latest Additions (new jokes are added daily to Free Dirty Jokes):

Big Tities videos (vid) 11-10
Do not lick me (pic) 11-09
Deep Throat Girl (pic) 11-08
A Wet Girl (pic) 11-07
Sweaty Girl (pic) 11-06
A sexy shadow (pic) 11-05
Boner Ranch (pic) 11-04
Nice Legs (pic) 11-02
Perfect Paint Job (pic) 11-01
Always worth waiting (pic) 10-31
How Weiners are made (pic) 10-30
This Girl is a Swinger (pic) 10-29
Nice Girl on the Beach (pic) 10-28
Great upskirt view (pic) 10-26
The Bottoms Line (pic) 10-25
Caught while making it (pic) 10-24
Would you or not? (pic) 10-23
New Wonder Woman (pic) 10-22
Dog Style (pic) 10-21
Bread and Titties (pic) 10-19
What more a Guy want? (pic) 10-18
Yes She is a Woman (pic) 10-17
What a Cleavage (pic) 10-16
Giving Head (pic) 10-15
Hole in One (pic) 10-14
Sexy Simona (vid) 10-13
She's wearing no Panties (pic) 10-12
How Women should Shop (pic) 10-11
The Perfect Blonde (pic) 10-10
Perfect Beer Woman (pic) 10-09
The Phone Girl (pic) 10-08
Slippery when Wet (pic) 10-07
Official Pee Girl (pic) 10-05
Sand Bikini (pic) 10-04
Wrapped up in duct tape (pic) 10-03
She has been a bad girl (pic) 10-02
Balls or Boobs Boy? (pic) 10-01
Birds poop every ... (pic) 09-30
Sexy and drinking beer (pic) 09-28
Big Tits Fight (pic) 09-27
Sexy upskirt View (pic) 09-26
Girl and Dick Canoe (pic) 09-25
The Perfect Secretary (pic) 09-24
One lucky Robot (pic) 09-23
Photo at the Beach (pic) 09-21
Blonde in Lingerie (pic) 09-20
Sexy Girls and Loser (pic) 09-19
Nude in Pink (pic) 09-18
Playboy Tan Lines (pic) 09-17
Weird Couple (pic) 09-16
Sexy Simona (vid) 09-15
Hey Babe, wanna do me ? (pic) 09-14
Windy and no Panties (pic) 09-13
Young Girls drinking Beer (pic) 09-12
Nice Webcam Girl (pic) 09-11
Fishing without a Bra (pic) 09-10
Flotation Devices (pic) 09-09
Top Sexy Roller Girl (pic) 09-07
Sexy Airbags (pic) 09-06
Is She a Doll (pic) 09-05
Boobsmeter (pic) 09-04
James Bond Girls (pic) 09-03
Welcome to Butts Co (pic) 09-02
Sexiest Shower Girl (pic) 08-31
Sexy upskirt Maid (pic) 08-30
Planet of Tits (pic) 08-29
Damn Sexy Blondes (pic) 08-28
It's better topless (pic) 08-27
Honest Girl (pic) 08-26
Sexy Target acquired (pic) 08-24
Bitchy Boobies (pic) 08-23
Small, Medium or Large (pic) 08-22
Nice Butt Pattern (pic) 08-21
Sexy Female Plumber (pic) 08-20
A Sexy Teacher (pic) 08-19
Sexy Simona (vid) 08-18
This Boob is heavy (pic) 08-17
Dream Vision (pic) 08-16
You have small Boobs (pic) 08-15
Very nice Rack (pic) 08-14
Getting laid in the Woods (pic) 08-13
Interesting Fight (pic) 08-12
No Panties under Skirt (pic) 08-10
Drunk Girls are Sexy (pic) 08-09
Showing off your muff (pic) 08-08
Sexiest Outfit (pic) 08-07
Insert Cock Here (pic) 08-06
Would you do it? (pic) 08-05
Where is your Thong? (pic) 08-03
Look at my Big Boobies (pic) 08-02
Men prefer Cleavages (pic) 08-01
Always wear a Bra (pic) 07-31
Pee Stop (pic) 07-30
I like School (pic) 07-29
Beware of Kiltlifters (pic) 07-27
Sexy Blonde on the Beach (pic) 07-26

Hot Female Celebs (site) Hot
Do you like Bunnies? (pic) 11-09
Little Red Riding Hood (pic) 11-08
Blondes Against War (pic) 11-07
Nice Pumpkins (pic) 11-06
Make Love not War (pic) 11-05
New Eye Test (pic) 11-04
Wrong Side (pic) 11-02
Sophie you are Gorgeous (pic) 11-01
Spooky Huh ? (pic) 10-31
Yes they are right in place (pic) 10-30
Sexy Housekeeper (pic) 10-29
Waiting for you (pic) 10-28
I love vegetarianism (pic) 10-26
They surf together (pic) 10-25
Sexy Sport Fan (pic) 10-24
Iron work gate (pic) 10-23
She needs a quart (pic) 10-22
Moose and Buffalo (pic) 10-21
Pirate Girl calling (pic) 10-19
Megan Fox on the Sofa (pic) 10-18
Lager Girls (pic) 10-17
Beer Holder (pic) 10-16
Biking in those Shoes (pic) 10-15
Fishergirl of the Year (pic) 10-14
Hot Girls TV (site) Hot
Men Brain (pic) 10-12
Cock Inn Hotel (pic) 10-11
She doesn't like neighbours (pic) 10-10
Big Green Frog (pic) 10-09
I love the Army (pic) 10-08
Rest Room for Men (pic) 10-07
Linux Body Painting (pic) 10-05
Fruits Buffet (pic) 10-04
When Blondes play pool (pic) 10-03
New Biker Sport (pic) 10-02
Belly Cow Tattoo (pic) 10-01
BJ Services (pic) 09-30
Fuck it (pic) 09-28
ABCDEFUCK (pic) 09-27
Karens Clit (pic) 09-26
Want some? (pic) 09-25
Cupid looking (pic) 09-24
Time to shave the pits (pic) 09-23
Oops (pic) 09-21
Strange Breasts (pic) 09-20
Where is the rest of him? (pic) 09-19
She is a Pirate (pic) 09-18
Which Floor? (pic) 09-17
Proud of his Tattoo (pic) 09-16
Hot Girls TV (site) Hot
Monkey for the Kids (pic) 09-14
Testicle Festival (pic) 09-13
I love America (pic) 09-12
She is too Tall (pic) 09-11
Family Photo (pic) 09-10
Rear Exit Only (pic) 09-09
A 4 Inch Tongue can ... (pic) 09-07
I adore You (pic) 09-06
Checking Baby's Diaper (pic) 09-05
I love the Police (pic) 09-04
Nice piece of Art (pic) 09-03
Hooker Falls (pic) 09-02
Golf is relaxing (pic) 08-31
Big Boobs under Shirt (pic) 08-30
Just do me (pic) 08-29
Interesting way of travelling (pic) 08-28
Super Hero gets a Boner (pic) 08-27
Hitchhiker to pick up (pic) 08-26
This is refreshing (pic) 08-24
Give me some Apples (pic) 08-23
Check your car's airco (pic) 08-22
Pamela sponsoring Google (pic) 08-21
The Castrol Girl (pic) 08-20
Giant Dicks (pic) 08-19
Hot Girls TV (site) Hot
Men's Biological Clock (pic) 08-17
Kum and Go (pic) 08-16
What's in your bag? (pic) 08-15
Google Girl (pic) 08-14
Pretty Girl (pic) 08-13
Make it up to you (pic) 08-12
Let's eat that Chick (pic) 08-10
Someone to save me? (pic) 08-09
My Future Wife (pic) 08-08
Super Heroes (pic) 08-07
She is hugely surprised (pic) 08-06
She loves Homer (pic) 08-05
Would you eat them? (pic) 08-03
I love to Fart (pic) 08-02
Greatest Sexy Book (pic) 08-01
Which Girl do you prefer? (pic) 07-31
Pee Stop II (pic) 07-30
This is a Dream (pic) 07-29
Bend your knees more (pic) 07-27
If you Luv her Lube her (pic) 07-26

A selection of the best adult jokes on this site:
Elderly sex (joke)
The boss (joke)
Call in sick (joke)
A blond male (joke)
Lucky baby (joke)
Three Japanese men (joke)
Send the wine back (joke)
Custom fit condoms (joke)
Dinner with his wife (joke)
Wedding fight (joke)
Roughest hooker (joke)
Candy bars (joke)
Math terms (joke)
The pope's illness (joke)
Playing golf with his wife (joke)
Downtown (joke)
Magic marker (joke)
Who am I (joke)
Milking the cow (joke)
A new restaurant (joke)
Turning eighty (joke)

Questions and Answers (joke)
As big as.. (joke)
Poems in bed (joke)
A muscular man (joke)
Three knots (joke)
Social security (joke)
His 20 year old bride (joke)
Stolen car (joke)
You prick! (joke)
The hired hand (joke)
Penis study (joke)
Headstones (joke)
Kinds of penises (joke)
Prescription for Viagra (joke)
Multi Millionaires (joke)
An old geezer (joke)
The urge to pee (joke)
Moral of the story (joke)
Future jobs (joke)
Prayer before dinner (joke)
A penguin (joke)

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